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Other Names

Half Moon Pose 2, Ardh Chandra Asan, Adha Chander Asan


This asana is similar to ushtrasana (The camel pose). This asana is another variation of Ardha-Chandrasana.

How to reach the stretch

  • Start with Ushtrasana (camel pose) , stand on your knees and put your both hands on your chest.
  • Inhale and take your neck and head backwards and while doing this, take your front waist area forward.

How to release the stretch

    Remain in the position for some time and then release the posture and relax in a comfortable posture.


  • This asana stretches the upper and lower thigh and knees.
  • It limbers the entire spine and pelvis. It will open the chest allowing for deeper breathing.
  • The focus point is the spine.


    Not for the persons who have hernia, recent or chronic knee, shoulder, neck or back injury or inflammation.

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