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Other Names

Hidden Posture, Gupta Asana Pose, Gupt Asan


It's similar to Swastikasana, same as Siddhasana, but practiced by men only. Purely meant for meditation. As this Asana hides well the organ of generation it is called Guptasana.

How to reach the stretch

  • Sit erect with your legs folded, with one heel placed just above the penis and the other heel is placed just over it.
  • Place the hands on the knees.
  • Press the chin against the chest and concentrate your gaze towards the center of your eyebrows as in Shambavi Mudra or you may keep the head straight without bending with your eyes closed for meditation.

How to release the stretch

    Sit in this position as long as you can and come back to the basic Dandasana position and followed by Shavasana to relax.


  • Useful for meditation, concentration, reaching higher state of awareness, stimulation of all the visceral organs, controlling heart rate, blood pressure and for correcting sexual and emotional problems.
  • It also increases secretion of testosterone.


    This is not suitable for ladies.

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