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Other Names

Crocodile Pose, Croco Posture, Dolphine, Makara Asan, Makar Asan, Makr, Magar, Magarmachh, Magarmach, Ghadial Asana, Makrasana


This asana is equal as makarasana-2 but in this asana legs are folded.

How to reach the stretch

  • Lie down in prone position (Advasana) .
  • Both the legs will be together, palms resting on the ground, hands by the side of the body.
  • Now take your hands in front of your face, lift your face and let both of your hands rest on the both sides of your chin.
  • Now lift both of your legs upwards and rest your heels on your upper thigh joints.

How to release the stretch

    Remain in the posture for some time and then release the posture and relax.



    Same as suggested in Makrasana-1.

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