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Other Names

Peacock Posture, Pea-Cock Pose, Mayura Asana, Mayur Asan


It is a classic yoga posture that is highly recommended if you want to improve the radiance of your skin, the tone of your muscles and the workings of your inner organs. In this asana one has to hold his whole body like a stick on both his elbows.

How to reach the stretch

  • Firstly, kneel down on the floor.
  • Now, join the two arms together and rest the hands on the floor and palms down with fingers pointing toward the toes.
  • You may curve the fingers slightly, this facilitates balancing.
  • Keep the hands firm on the floor.
  • Know you have firm and steady forearms for supporting the whole body.
  • Now bring down the abdomen slowly against the co-joined elbows. Now stretch your legs, inhale and raise the legs together from the floor.
  • Raise the legs straight on a level with the head parallel to the floor.

How to release the stretch

  • Keep the posture for a while and then rest the toes on the floor and exhale.
  • Rest for a while and do this again 2-3 times.


  • It helps in reducing the excessive and unwholesome quantities of food, and by stimulating and generating the digestive ‘fire’ of the stomach, even the bitterly poisonous elements are annihilated.
  • It relieves indigestion.
  • It also cures the Constipation and flatulence in just ten day’s of practice.
  • It also removes all maladies of the abdomen.


  • Not for the persons who are suffering from cervical spondylitis.
  • If during practice you feel like coughing or sneezing then return and start practising again.

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