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Other Names

Reverse boat Posture, facing down Boat Pose, Reverse Nauka Asan


Prishth-Naukasana is a reverse boat pose. This asana is equal as Navasana.

How to reach the stretch

  • Lie in Advasana (reverse corpse posture) on your stomach.
  • Then stretch your arms and legs upwards together.
  • Your arms and legs should go parallel.
  • Stay in the posture as long you feel comfortable.

How to release the stretch

    To release, come back to the first position and relax.


  • This pose tonifies the kidneys and stimulates the reproductive and digestive systems.
  • It also stretches the muscles of arms, legs and the abdomen and strengthens them.


    Not for the persons who have recent or chronic injury to the back, arms or shoulders, pregnancy, menstruation, or recent abdominal surgery.

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