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Other Names

Headstand Thunderbolt Posture, Diamond pose, Kneeling posture, Shirsh Vajr Asan, Sirsha-Vajra Asana


Sirsha-Vajrasana is as equal as Shirshasana. But the only difference is that, in Sirsha-Vajrasana legs will be folded in vajrasana instead of being straight.

How to reach the stretch

  • Take the position of Shirshasana .
  • Now fold you legs and rest it on your hip and thigh area.
  • Make the balance for some time according to your strength.

How to release the stretch

    To release, come back to the shirshasana and then slowly let your legs come back on the ground and keep your upper part of the body straight and then relax.


  • It increases the circulation to the brain, due to which we can have improved brain functions and increased vitality and confidence.
  • It promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Relaxes your kneecaps, knees, ankles and feet, improves digestion and reduces gas.


    Not for the persons who have high or low blood pressure, atherosclerosis (blocked blood vessels), any history of strokes, serious eye disease, pus in ears, suffering from constipation, suffering from neck injury, or also who have organically defective pituitary.

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