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Hot-Yoga/ Bikram Yoga

Asana is a position of body and mind which is steady and comfortable. Any body posture is comfortable when it is attained in natural environmental conditions. This can be achieved through relaxation. The word relaxation is a key to ideal Asana position. The perfect relaxation on physical and mental level is essentially responsible to attain the steadiness and comfort. This retains and increases the bio energy in the body.

This relaxed position of body results in lowering of respiration rate, blood pressure, heart rate which in turn lowers the metabolic rate. This is also verified by various scientific experiments carried out in various research organizations all over the world and these great benefits of yoga are scientifically accepted.

So this clarifies that Yoga meant for relaxation and it is not like other stressful exercises.

On the other hand, Hot-Yoga/Bikram Yoga or Yoga in Heated Environment can be Dangerous. If a person practiced in HOT ENVIRONMENT (about 105 degree Fahrenheit) as it is done in some styles of Yoga, the heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure increases, though muscles expand and one can stretch the body more, this may harm the muscles. So, ideally Yoga should be practiced in normal environmental conditions.

Hot/Bikram yoga or similar type is inappropriate and difficult to justify version of Indian ancient Science of Yoga. In fact it can not be called as Yoga as per Indian Medical Science. Our present medical science does not have a complete knowledge about it, but it is very logical that heated environment is not natural or normal condition for the body. Our body is meant to function at normal temperatures; Yoga should be practiced in most favorable & comfortable conditions. Imagine doing Yoga when you are suffering from fever where your body temperature is 105 degree Fahrenheit.

Another example is that there are many regions where temperatures are as high as 48 degree Celsius, life is considered very tough there, so why create such difficult condition around ourselves and practice yoga there? Isn’t it a common sense not to create worse situations for body?

Though it is an individual choice to select the style of Yoga but we advise you that firstly ensure that the style should be in line with the basic definition of Yoga.

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