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The world is fascinated by this unique philosophy because it addresses these very issues, which are quite relevant to present times. It leads to highest level of self-realization. It gives a practical art of living because all the aspects of life are integrated and taken in totality. Thus, rather than negation and denial, it celebrates life. A thrill of self confidence, the spirit of bliss, surpassing all barriers of creed, colour and gender, no look back, no regret, the inner journey, see everything as creation of God, etc.- these are features of Kashmir Shaivism. It can create an upliftment in individual level and lead to love and harmonious World. Kashmir Shaivism adopts a realistic and utilitarian attitude. It relies on three fold authority of

  • divine scriptures,
  • experienced preceptors and
  • self-experience, which is given high importance.

In fact, an aspirant is allowed to adopt any system of practice in accordance with his individual psycho-physical aptitude.

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