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Kumbhaka (Breath Retention)

Other Names

External Retention (Bhamya, Bahir or bahiri Kumbhak), Internal Retention (Antar/Anter, Antrik Kumbhak), Keval, Kevala, Kewal, Kewala, Qahita, Kahita

Bahira Kumbhaka

How to do

  • Exhale from the right nostril exhaustively.
  • Close both the nostrils with the right thumb & middle finger.
  • This is called Bahir Kumbhak.
  • Inhale from the right nostril, then after Kumbhak exhale through the left nostril.


  • Your body & mind will get rejuvenated.
  • Your mind will no longer wander in unnecessary thoughts.


    The time taken for Bahir Kumbhak should be half of the time taken for Abhyantar Kumbhak.

Puraka Kumbhaka

How to do

  • Sit straight with folded legs (padmasana) on a clean aasana after going for bowels & taking bath.
  • Let the forehead, neck & chest remain aligned in a straight line. Now close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand & breathe in through your left nostril.
  • Silently without opening your mouth keep repeating the sound of "Om" or "Hari Om". This is called Purak.


    You'll be able to win over the bad qualities like sensuality, anger, greed, attraction etc.

Abhyantara Kumbhaka

How to do

  • Close both the nostrils with the thumb & middle finger.
  • Hold the breath for a time period four times the time taken to breathe in the air. This is called Abhyantar Kumbhak.


    As suggested in Purak-Kumbhak.

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