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Cure Diseases with Yoga

Yoga is having immense impact against various diseases. The Ayurveda, a part of the yoga, cures the diseases after its attack and is the complete medicine subject in its own (beyond the scope of our site). Where as Yoga Asana and Pranayama also impact to cure the disease by increasing the power of our immune system but mainly they are practiced to avoid the diseases. If you spend 30-45 minutes a day on yoga, you will stay away from most of the very common sicknesses. When we cure ourselves with medicine, we also bear its side effects, where as yoga is proven to be the free from side effects if done correctly.

Following are the links to a few therapies which will keep you away from most of the illnesses. Urine therapy has great impact of many so called non-curable diseases. You will also find the list of Asana and Pranayama which may not be a complete solution but is helpful during illness.

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Yoga Pranayama
Yoga Kriyas
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