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Plu means to swim or float. Plava means floating. Plavini is that which makes one float. The student actually drinks air like water slowly and sends it to the stomach. The stomach gets bloated a bit. If you tap the stomach when it is filled with air, you will get a peculiar tympanic (air) sound. When the belly is filled with air and the inside of the body is filled to its utmost with air, the body floats on the deepest water, like a leaf of a lotus.

How to do

  • Drink the air like water through the mouth and fill your stomach with it. The stomach becomes inflated. You will hear a tympanic sound, if you tap it with your fingers.
  • Practice the Pranayama slowly and gradually.
  • The air is then expelled from the stomach by slow belching.


  • Expert of Plavini Pranayama can sustain his life for many days without food.
  • During the practice of this Pranayama the blood flows in the body extremely speedily thus removing the impurities and toxins accumulated in the body.
  • With practice of this Pranayama, the performer gains the power to float on the water. An expert can even remain floating on deluging waters like a light lotus leaf.

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