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Corporate Yoga


Todayís world is a world of competition or continues stress; we are so busy in our routine work that we donít have time for our body and time. Just like machine needs preventive maintenance, our body and mind also need exercise. Only Yoga strengthens mind as well as body where as all other exercise just take care of body not mind. Moreover, yoga preserves the body where as all other exercises consume the body (that means aging take place). Excessive pressure and demands for increased productivity effects staff performance. Yoga equips staff with the strength and flexibility to triumph in the day-to-day workplace challenges.

Ranjiv Kalsi, director of omGyan Yoga, offers corporate clients a dynamic yoga program based on combination of Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga. The program is suited for employees who have limited or no previous yoga experience.

We use a combination of classical Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga in a dynamic form linking the breath to the movement (known as chalana or sometimes called vinyasa). It incorporates a series of progressive postures, with experienced participants jumping from one pose to another to build strength, flexibility and stamina. With focused breathing the mind is stilled, facilitating meditation whilst in motion. This form is ideal for those wanting a physical work out, yet still gaining the benefits of a calm, focussed mind.

How much it costs

Well, the fact is that the cost on the corporate yoga varies on company to company. Generally it stays between $5 to $10 per session per employee. The package is made exclusively as per the need of the company by taking care of the type of company. For example there are different types of yoga for a factory where people work hard for whole shift as compared to an IT company where employees sit on a chair for almost whole day.

Why to choose omGyan for Corporate Yoga

The prime motive of main yoga teacher is to spread yoga to help people to get rid of diseases and to get peace of mind. The motive is not at all money. Therefore the cost which a corporate need to pay is a guaranteed lesser (show quotation, we will beat it). Further, you don't need to pay GST on top of the above cost.

Our corporate yoga programs generally include Yoga Postures , Yoga Therapy Series or Power Yoga (body movement with a specified breathing pattern, which eliminates many common diseases), Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) and meditation introduction (proven method for relaxation and reducing stress)

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